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Three Ivanovich Generations, 2007

Family Photo Mosaic, Melbourne, Australia (October '07)

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Hi everyone, and welcome to our little corner on the Web. Here's a quick introductory bit about me, the author of this web-page, Milosh Ivanovich... I was born in 1975 in Krusevac, Serbia (then called Yugoslavia). We emigrated to Australia in 1984. Here I finished East Oakleigh Primary School, University High School in Parkville, and then enrolled in Engineering at Monash University in 1991.

I obtained my Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (1st Class Honours) in 1995. In 1996 I received a Master of Computing Degree from the Computer Science Department, in Monash University's Faculty of Computing. One of the many graduation photos has found its way onto the WWW! 

I was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Information Technology, also from Monash University, at the April 29th graduation ceremony in 1998, at the ripe old age of 23 years and 14 days :-) So yes folks, it's all over, and it was definitely worth it. Well, not exactly all over - there are now many different papers to publish, but that is a pleasant task :-)

My doctorate delved into the intrigues of self-similar "fractal" traffic in today's and future high speed wireless and wireline IP-based data networks, both from a traffic modelling and equipment/protocol modelling point of view. Since 2005, I've worked for the Telstra Chief Technology Office in the Mobile & Wireless Group, as Senior Emerging Technology Specialist focusing on Quality of Service in broadband wireless IP-based networks.

From 1995 to 2005, I worked at Telstra's Research Laboratories (the famed TRL, which sadly ceased to exist at the end of 2005), except for a short 1998-1999 "excursion" to Optus, in the very exciting, more comercially-focussed (and hence stressful) role of "Technical Account Manager and Senior System Designer" for the AARNet account. The AARNet wide-area network connects the Australian Academic Institutions together. Life in the world of client relationship management was fun to try, but not really my cup of tea, so it was back to Research and Development at TRL at the end of 1999, after a year at Optus.

The yellow brick hacienda is "Ranchos Ivanovichos", and funnily enough it was the internet which helped us to find our family home, and buy it, just before it went to Auction. Such is life :-) In the other pictures above, you see my wife Gordana (nicknamed Goca), my parents Slavica and Vlad, and our sons Dushan and Milan, all overjoyed at our newest arrival, daughter, granddaughter and sister, Ivanka (a.k.a "Iva"). 

Goca moved permanently to Australia in September 1996, upon our engagement, and in July 1998 we were married in our home town of Krusevac, Serbia. Goca's own little corner on the Web has many interesting photos and "tidbits of information". Click here to see Goca's page.

Feel free to browse through my pages : you will find links to my publication references and (some) abstracts; my current resume; and some interesting sites.


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