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Three Ivanovich Generations, 2007

Family Photo Mosaic, Melbourne, Australia (October '07)

Hi everyone, and welcome to our little corner on the Web. Please feel free to browse through our pages : you may find links to various interesting tidbits.


Pleasure (pages and links):

·        Click here to see Goca's events business website, “Humans in Motion”

·        Click here to see Goca's personal page.

·        My dad's VIMS.ORG website including Digital Art Photography Galleries and Professional Services

·        My dad's wonderful gallery showing the birth of our Princess Iva, Album 1 & Album 2

·        Dushan's First Day of School at Albany Rise Primary: 30th Jan. 2004  

·        Assorted Photos of Milan and Dushan: Oct '03 - Feb. '04  

·        The latest addition to the Ivanovich family - Milan is born ... "@Birth Picture Album".

·        San Francisco Trip December, 2000 - Milosh's Visit to the IEEE Globecom 2000 Conference.

·        Assorted family pictures, Goca, Dushan, Milosh, Vlade and Slavica - November, 2000.

·        A Royal Luncheon - Milosh's "formal" engagement pictures with the queen. 

·        Dushan's Pictures - birth.

·        Various Photos of Goca and Milosh.

·        A link to the Melbourne Tigers basketball page.

·        The official and most fascinating Star Trek(tm) page.

·        If you are a space enthusiast like me, whenever there is a NASA space-shuttle mission happening, you will LOVE the NASA shuttle site, because it provides live video feeds.

·        Airline safety information page, which ranks the world's airlines in safety order. This page has been compiled using official figures from America's Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

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