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Australia's longest running theatre collective with an emphasis on works relevant to the gay, lesbian, bi, straight, transgender communities  Out Cast was established in 1997. Since then we have undertaken very successful sell out seasons of our shows in Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester, London and across Australia. Out Cast is run on a production to production basis of 4 shows a year as well as touring commitments. We hope to see you at our next show. We invite you to join our emailing list to stay up-to-date with current productions and please check out our sponsor links at the bottom of this page.




Coming Soon. A Special Return Season!


A plague on both their houses!



Distinguished Gentlemen

(But Really Just a Couple of ***ts)


It's buggery...but with class!


Following sell-out seasons at the 2014 & 2015 Edinburgh Fringe, Australiaís Out Cast Theatre  now present a strictly limited return season of their filthiest tale yet.

Two rancid old Regency gents throw caution to the wind and good taste into the water closet as they set out to destroy each otherís reputation and hopefully bang a mysterious stranger on the side.  It's coarse, common and will have you in stitches.   Over the top in every way and with very little taste itís coming back soon.  We urge you not to miss the campest show in town.  


 Starring Steven Dawson, Liam O'Kane & Wayne Pearn



"an hour of excellent comedy. " - fringereview.co.uk

"Frothy, filthy, fabulous and fun...delivered with warmth, energy and panache." - The Scotsman

"This is a lewd, ridiculous and over the top show that will leave you stunned and cackling...a riotous and hysterical show " - BroadwayBaby

"Itís bawdy, ribald and lewd...Utterly charming filth.  Recommended." - Scotsgay



Stay tuned for more details.






Some YouTube trailers from previous shows



 Monstrous Acts       Mr Braithwaite Has a New Boy Behind You! Behind You! Here & After Big Dicks On Stage 2003



Adventures Of Butt Boy & Tigger The Importance Of Being Earnest as performed b y 3 F**king Queens & A Duck Four Queens In Hawaiian Shirts




Distinguished Gentlemen (But Really Just a Couple of ***ts)  Edinburgh 2015


The Art Of Being Still Part Two: The Gathering Of Vampires  2015

Sex...with Men 2 - Touch This & The Mormon Cookie 2014


The Importance Of Being Earnest as performed b y 3 F**king Queens & A Duck  - Melb Comedy Festival 2013


Here & After - Midsumma 2013

Monstrous Acts - Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Mr Braithwaite Has a New Boy  - Edinburgh Fringe 2012


Behind You! Behind You!  - 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival


Love In A Cubicle [10th anniversary] - Midsumma 2012          

 Monstrous Acts - Oct 2011


 Jane Austen's Guide To Pornography  & Gorgeous Bastard - Sydney Mardi Gras 2011


Mr Braithwaite  Has A New Boy - Midsumma 2011



Gorgeous Bastard  - October 2010

The Art Of Being Still  Part One  - July 2010

Searching For David  - Midsumma 2010


 Jane Austen's Guide To Pornography  - Melbourne, Edinburgh,  London  2009



A Dirty Double Act  - The Realm Of Wasps  2009


Dead Queen  - Midsumma 2009

Adventures Of Butt Boy & Tigger - Melbourne, Perth, Edinburgh, Sydney 2008-2010

Four Queens 3: Who's A Pretty Boy Then? - Melbourne Comedy Festival 2008

The Boy On The Beach - Midsumma 2008

Jane Austen's Guide To Pornography  - National Tour 2008


Jane Austen's Guide To Pornography  - Midsumma 2007

4Q2  - Four Queens: Fully Committed! - Midsumma 2007

Sex...with Men  - National Tour 2006

The Night My Boyfriend Turned Into An Idiot! - 2006

Men In Lycra Rowing Shorts  - Midsumma 2006

Naked  - Midsumma  2005

Filthy Pervert Seeks Same  - National Tour 2005

Four Queens In Hawaiian Shirts   Sept 2004 & Tour 2005

Behind You, Behind You!  Midsumma 2004

Big Dicks On Stage National Tour 2003

Filthy Pervert Seeks Same   Midsumma Jan 2003

Love In A Cubicle - Midsumma 2002


Big Dicks On Stage  1998

Sex....With Men   Sept 1999

 Gertrude Stein & A Companion. 1999


Artistic Director


Steven Dawson



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