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Actor, director of over 95 productions and writer of 57 performed plays. Artistic Director of Out Cast Theatre, the gay and lesbian theatre company of Melbourne, Australia. Graduated from the NIDA Director's Course in 1985, was a member of the NIDA Playwrights Studio and holds a Diploma in Performance from the University Of Western Sydney. His performed plays include Bitch Antigone, Distinguished Gentlemen, Here & After, The Mormon Cookie, Touch This, The Importance Of Being Earnest As Performed by 3 F**king Queens & A Duck, Monstrous Acts, Mr Braithwaite Has A New Boy, Dead Queen, The  Boy On The Beach, The Adventures Of Butt Boy & Tigger, Jane Austen's Guide To Pornography, Men In Lycra Rowing Shorts [And Other Fantasies], Naked, Four Queens In Hawaiian Shirts, Behind You Behind You!, Filthy Pervert Seeks Same, Love In A Cubicle, Brad Pitt Why Haven't You Called? & Gorgeous Bastard, Big Dicks On Stage [Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Chicago, New York], The Night My Boyfriend Turned Into An Idiot [Sydney, Melbourne] The Art Of Being Still [Sydney, Melbourne], The White Rose [Melbourne, Sydney] The Realm Of Wasps [NIDA, Crossroads], The Ladies Choice [The Performance Space], Sometimes My Friend [Browns Lane Theatre Company], The Gathering Of Vampires [Stables Theatre, Guild Theatre] The Wild Wild West Show [Arts Council of NSW], his one man show Greetings From A Small Planet [Crossroads Theatre], Betty Jo Bullthwaite's Country Calamity [Stables Theatre Sydney and Melbourne Midsumma Festival] and it's sequel Rust In The Dust at the Tilbury. He has worked with the Hpy Polloy, State Opera Of South Australia, Interplay, Griffin, The Marionette Theatre, Sydney Theatreworks, Warehouse Theatre Company. Plays he has directed include Observe The Sons Of Ulster Marching Towards The Somme, Bent, Gertrude Stein & A Companion, The Man From Mukinupin, The Realm Of Wasps, Miss Julie, Black Comedy, The Elephant Man, Three Sisters and numerous productions of his own work. As an actor his mosr recent appearances include Ulysses Prestissimo for the Melbourne James Joyce Society and The Importance Of Being Earnest As Performed by 3 F**king Queens & A Duck at the Edinburgh Fringe. Other appearances include Once A Catholic, Hamlet, The Glass Menagerie, See How They Run, The Club, Julius Caesar, Easter, A Hard God,  The Hired Man. He has worked as a freelance drama tutor/director. His published work includes Amongst Dark Gods - Pink Ink [Blackwattle Press] and several scripts at


Some of my Plays
Please note: All these plays are under copyright. You can read ' just can't do 'em.
[Unless you ask me, that is.]

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Touch This
Catholic schoolboys, first love and a little bastard.

The Mormon Cookie
2 drag queens, one dumped boyfriend and some suspect baked goods.

The Importance of Being Earnest as Performed by 3 F**king Queens & A Duck [available through]
A disgraceful tale of envy and neediness as three less-than-talented and overly ambitious actors strive to perform with dignity and half baked ambition in the role of their lives

Here & After
A war time romance with a difference.

Monstrous Acts  [available through]
Two men in a French prison in 1440 find love and solace in the bleakest of times.

Mr Braithwaite Has A New Boy  [available through]
An almost love story between a rent boy and his client.

Searching For David [available through]
"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free" - The tragic story of Michelangelo and the beautiful doomed youth who was the inspiration for his greatest creation.

Dead Queen  [available through]
A piss-elegant show queen gets it in the back in this glorious revenge  fantasy.

The Boy On The  Beach   [available through]
Lust, lust and a lack of fidelity. There are worse things than getting sand in your cracks!

Jane Austen's Guide To Pornography [available through]
Jane Austen is on her last lungs and looking for a hit. In the meantime another more modern writer is having issues of his own.

The Adventures Of Butt Boy & Tigger [available through]
Two boys leap from one pornographic adventure after another. Lonely hearts online and looking for a different way to connect.

Men In Lycra Rowing Shorts [and other fantasies]
Love, Death & Other Fantasies. Falling in love with straight men, Drag Queens of Death and other tales of outrage, lust and redemption.

Naked [available through]
Tales of lust, desire, revenge and death set in a male sauna. Foreplays of a different kind.

Four Queens In Hawaiian Shirts [Second Edition]
It's Survivor meets Baby Jane as four boys head north for fun in the sun only to find their gay holiday destination has had a change of management. Broken hearts in the tropics.

4Q2 Four Queens : Fully Committed
The filthy sequel to Four Queens In Hawaiian Shirts. Tom & Kyle and getting hitched and no one is happy. A piss-take on gay marriage.

Four Queens 3: Who's A Pretty Boy Then?
The latest and last uncalled sequel in the Four Queens trilogy. Gay adoption gets a royal serve.

Filthy Pervert Seeks Same
Monologues and scenes connected by a theme of lust, love and desire.

Brad Pitt, Why Haven't You Called?
Looking for love in all the wrong places. A man's search for Mr Right and how his big mouth and his best friends and  keep getting in the way.

Betty Jo Bullthwaite's Country Calamity
A bad taste country & western cabaret for two.

Big Dicks On Stage [available through]
Selling out just to sell out. A comedy about a playwright having trouble getting it up.

Gorgeous Bastard!
A gay wedding table at a straight wedding and it seems everyone knows the groom...intimately.

Behind You! Behind You! 
Half Panto, half comedy, Half Cocked! A very bent panto with kings, queens, ogres and pussy! 

Rust in The Dust
Sicko country & western singer Betty Jo and friends return for a wake. Some of the vilest numbers you'll even sing along with.

Sometimes My Friend
A theatre in education play about young people and HIV/AIDS.

The Art Of Being Still Part One [available through]
A serious comedy. Seven friends living and loving in the time of AIDS.

The Art Of Being Still Part Two: The Gathering Of Vampires
The sequel to The Art Of Being Still. A story of friendship, love and moving on.

The Ladies Choice
Three women from different parts of this century, each with her own story to tell. A play with songs. 

The Night My Boyfriend Turned Into An Idiot
Sometimes love means shutting the hell up! Two men fall in love and build a relationship then do battle to keep it going.

The Realm Of Wasps
Based on the life of  playwright Joe Orton and his relationship with Ken Halliwell.

The White Rose
A gay Greek farce. Getting married just for some whitegoods with a little bit of Nana Mouskouri thrown in.

Greetings From A Small Planet
Monologues. A one man show about hope, love, desire, passion and memory.

Love In A Cubicle [available through]
First love, lust and looking for a happy ending. Ah, me.


Some Happy Snaps [from long, long ago]






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